For self-publishing authors, promoting your own book can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right marketing service provider. ReadersMagnet Marketing Services offer many service packages for self-published authors. One of them is the Marketing Materials service package.

The ReadersMagnet Marketing Materials is a book marketing kit that is features 5 component business cards, postcards, posters, bookmarks, and the digital sell sheets. Each of these professionally designed promotional materials has their own unique purpose. Business cards are usually given to the person within the industry in the hope of establishing ties and future partnerships. Publishers, media personalities, literary agents, fellow authors, retailers, boo event organizers and other groups interested in the book marketing campaign. The business card may sound old-fashion but it’s still one of the most effective methods in introducing yourself and your nature of the business. It’s handy, it’s cost-effective, and you can dispose of it practically anytime, anywhere.

Bookmarks, postcards (and even business cards, too) serve as giveaways and freebies during book events such as book fair, book signings, radio interviews, and other public engagements. Bookmarks have the longest lifespan among all other marketing materials and they travel places. This is simply because people actually keep them for as long as they can and people carry it with them inside their books. Postcards, on the other hand, are perfect for direct marketing specifically for your direct mail campaign. And they can also serve as season greeting cards!

Posters have a number of purposes. For one, they usually serve as invites. During book events such as book fairs, book signing, and author talks, posters serve to invite more audience and participants. They also serve as giveaways during these said events. Lastly, posters make good decorations. You can frame a well-designed poster and hang it on a wall, in the hallway, in a public place or even in your private office. As long as people can read it, promotion of your book never stops.

The Digital Sell Sheets complete the Readersmagnet Marketing Materials. A sell sheet provides detailed and comprehensive information about the book as well its author all in a single sheet. Sell sheet serves as larger versions of fliers or brochures. With digital sell sheets, you get to provide your site viewers and followers with all the information they need with just one click, in just one single document.

Indeed, the ReadersMagnet Marketing Materials is the most complete and the best book promotional materials you can avail. Contact us today and we will provide you with the top of the line book marketing kit for your book promotional campaign. You can keep in touch with us at Office Number: (619) 354 2643
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